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We are beginning a new strategic journey as REV Federal Credit Union. With this vision, we have the opportunity to re-position ourselves while building upon our legacy and progressing the credit union in a modern, relevant and engaging way.

As we transition to REV Federal Credit Union, we will be focusing on 4 key pillars to elevate our brand and achieve our $1Bn5 goal. Through strategic sponsorships and a new marketing strategy, we will create brand awareness and promote the energy and positive direction our organization is taking. Improving member experience through our consistent levels of service while focusing on technology and positive interactions will enhance perceptions of the credit union. Enhancing employee experience by strengthening our culture, increasing benefits and competitive pay will provide employees with new ways to grow and expand. Driving net income by improving efficiency and controlling operating expenses is key to moving us forward and will propel us to the next level.

We all own this strategy, and your role is crucial to its success.  Remember: being great is a choice… together we will take our credit union to $1Bn5!


With the overall goal to solidify our space in the market, we set out in 2019 on a process to reassess our current brand. These efforts included member and non-member surveys as well as the hiring of a regional branding agency.

Survey takeaways:

  • 55% of members described their perception of us as “traditional.”

  • 86% of non-members described our logo as “traditional or dated.”

It was ultimately determined that a shift in brand purpose, positioning and vision needed to occur through a full re-brand to align with our goals. This determination set in motion the creative process of exploring concepts and names.


Our new name REV Federal Credit Union:

  • conveys a great sense of energy and positivity

  • says we’re not the ordinary credit union, we’re ahead of the game

  • provides us with the opportunity to progress our credit union in a modern, progressive and engaging way.

Next Steps


Talking Points / Frequently Asked Questions

As the new brand rolls out, should you receive any questions on the new name, the following responses are appropriate.

We will be expanding this section as the rollout continues. If you come across repeated member questions that are not addressed here, please send them to the Marketing Team so they can be added to this resource center.

General Branding Questions

  • The credit union is moving in a new strategic direction to better position itself for future growth.
  • After conducting numerous surveys, feedback indicated that the Heritage Trust brand was perceived as somewhat dated in our market.
  • Our new name better defines our company attributes;
    • Diverse for everyone
    • Convenient/Local
    • Forward Thinking /Innovative
    • Financially Stable
    • Value-driven/Cost Competitive
    • Community Focused
  • The Credit Union has not merged or been bought out.
  • Credit Union leadership and our Board of Directors remain the same.
  • The name REV Federal Credit Union was selected because it invokes great energy and positivity.
  • Noun/Verb
    • A revolution in an engine or the like
    • To accelerate; become revved (often followed by up)

General Member Account Questions

  • Your funds, accounts and direct deposits will not be affected.
  • Routing, checking, member and account numbers will remain the same.
  • Online and mobile accounts and payments/ACH will not be affected.
  • No, direct deposit / ACH will not be affected.
  • You can continue to use your current checks and deposit slips.
  • REV Federal Credit Union checks will be issued when members current stock runs out.
  • Debit and credit card users will continue to use their current cards.
  • New REV Federal Credit Union cards will be issued as Heritage Trust cards expire.

Branch Closing Questions

  • As Heritage Trust rebrands to REV Federal Credit Union, we are re-shaping our current local footprint.
  • This decision came as a result of a recent analysis at which point we identified an overlap of branch coverage within our branch network.
  • The branch closure timeline is within the next four to six months. 
  • Please note this timeline is subject to change.
  • Members that frequent either branch, are encouraged to visit any of our other 10 convenient locations.
  • From our Oakbrook branch, members can visit our Summerville location 6.1 miles away or our Dorchester location 4.5 miles. 
  • From our Joint Base branch our Dorchester location is 3.5 miles away.
  • Shared branching is available to all members as well.
  • All employees at the closing branches will be re-deployed to other REV Federal Credit Union branches.
  • We are excited to announce that we will be opening a branch in West Edge on the Charleston peninsula in Q2 of this year.

Out of respect, the new corporate strategy, name change, branch closures, and more was delivered to you first.

To replicate that respect, please wait for the Marketing Team’s official messaging before discussing these matters with our members.

Media Questions

All media inquiries should be forwarded to