Our Vision

We are excited to unveil a new direction as we become REV Federal Credit Union! Our new brand is part of a greater strategic vision to advance the credit union in a more modern, progressive and engaging way. Elevating our commitment to members, employees and the communities we serve is essential to the credit union’s mission of being the Lowcountry’s financial institution of choice.

Our new vision will reshape the member experience by enhancing technology and introducing a competitive suite of products and pricing. Newly enhanced deposit products and lower loan rates are also being unveiled.

The communities in which we live and serve are also benefiting from greater outreach and advocacy initiatives as we create more opportunities for our team members to get involved and support local non-profit organizations. Expanding on our financial literacy efforts, we continue to actively work with area organizations to develop programs that financially empower our region.

What to Expect

Members can be reassured that during the transition to REV Federal Credit Union, there will be no impact to your accounts.

As REV, we will be re-shaping our current local footprint by making changes to our branch network. After a recent study which identified an overlap of branch coverage we will be closing our Joint Base Charleston and Oakbrook locations. Employees at those branches will remain with the credit union and be re-deployed to other locations to continue serving our members. In addition to this shift, we will be opening a new branch in the 22 WestEdge development in downtown Charleston.

Moving forward, members will see REV in a larger and more comprehensive way as we increase our level of support with local non-profits, organizations and community events.

Together, We Are REV!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our New Brand

  • The credit union is moving in a new strategic direction to better position itself for future growth.
  • After conducting numerous surveys, feedback indicated that the Heritage Trust brand was perceived as somewhat dated in our market.
  • Our new name better defines our company attributes:
    • Modern/Progressive
    • Diverse for everyone
    • Convenient/Local
    • Financially Stable
    • Value-driven/Cost Competitive
    • Community Focused
  • No, the Credit Union has not merged or been bought out.
  • Credit Union leadership and our Board of Directors remain the same.
  • The Credit Union worked with a national branding agency to conduct surveys in the community on the perception of Heritage Trust FCU. After compiling the data, it was determined that a rebrand was necessary to re-position the credit union in a more modern and relevant way.
  • The name REV Federal Credit Union was selected because of the positivity it invoked with local and regional focus groups established by our branding agency.
  • REV –
    • A revolution in an engine or the like
    • To accelerate; become revved (often followed by up)

There are exciting updates in the works, and it will take some time to fully rollout the transition. In the meantime, you will continue to see the Heritage Trust name on branches and signage.

Member Account Questions

  • No, your accounts and funds will not be affected.
  • No, routing, checking, member and account numbers will remain the same.
  • No, online and mobile accounts will not be affected.
  • No, direct deposits/automatic payments will not be affected.
  • Yes, you can continue to use your current checks and deposit slips.
  • REV Federal Credit Union checks will be issued when member’s current stock runs out.
  • Yes, debit and credit card users will continue to use their current cards.
  • New REV Federal Credit Union cards will be issued as Heritage Trust cards expire.

Branch Closing Questions

  • As Heritage Trust rebrands to REV Federal Credit Union, we are re-shaping our current local footprint.
  • This decision came as a result of a recent study which identified an overlap of coverage within our branch network.
  • The branch closure timeline is within the next four to six months.
  • Please note this timeline is subject to change.
  • Members that frequent either branch, are encouraged to visit any of our other 10 convenient locations.
  • From our Oakbrook branch, members can visit the Dorchester Rd location 4 miles away or Summerville branch 6 miles away.
  • From our Joint Base branch, members can visit the Dorchester Rd location 3 miles away or Rivers Avenue branch 6 miles away.
  • Shared branching is available to all members as well.
  • All employees at the closing branches will be re-deployed to other REV Federal Credit Union locations.
  • We are excited to announce the future opening of our WestEdge branch on the Charleston peninsula later this year.

Member Questions

All member inquiries should be forwarded to info@revfcu.com

Media Questions

All media inquiries should be forwarded to marketing@revfcu.com