From small business to big ideas, there’s an account to help accelerate your success.

Whether you’re accessing convenient, flexible products for daily business transactions, or commercial financing for growth, we are here for you. As a local credit union, we’re able to offer better rates, lower fees and personalized business options to best fit your needs.

As an additional benefit to businesses and their employees, we provide onsite financial education workshops, direct deposit, no-monthly-fee checking as well as retirement and investment services for exiting/transitioning employees.

Treasury Management

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  • Remote Deposit Capture
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  • Merchant and Payroll Services.
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Checking & Savings

Our Savings and Checking accounts for Businesses offer a full suite of products and services from Digital Banking to same-day credit on deposits.

Loans & Credit Card

We offer a variety of lending options designed to help you grow your small business. Business Credit Card as well as Real Estate & Term Loans.

Treasury Management Services

Treasury management services are a structure of business banking products and services that are about optimizing your cash flow.  Beginning with collections to disbursements, reporting and liquidity, a well thought out treasury management program is cost efficient, prevents payment and collection fraud, maximizes investment returns and could reduce fees. With these specialized banking solutions, you get access to a wide array of tools and resources. Think secure electronic payments, clever ways to catch and stop fraud, accurate cash flow predictions, and so much more. It’s all geared towards boosting your financial efficiency and ultimately helping your business become more profitable.

Treasury management services are key when it comes to optimizing cash flow and managing your business’ liquidity. These services are tailored to help you spot any gaps in your cash flow and give you actionable strategies to make it more efficient. They also make it easier to keep tabs on your available cash, making it simple to meet your financial commitments. In addition, an effective treasury management structure will include a balance and transaction reporting system that will interface seamlessly with your internal branded accounting system and enable you to download debits, credits, and business card transactions to avoid the need for manual data entry. You may also be able to upload transactions to your primary financial institution from your internal accounting system for payment fraud prevention services. As an additional benefit, if you maintain relationships with multiple financial institutions, the balance and transaction reporting system may also allow the linking to other external financial institutions for reporting purposes. With these tools at your disposal, you’ll enjoy better overall financial stability and be well-equipped to manage the challenges of cash flow and liquidity.

Treasury management are products and services that were created and implemented specifically for businesses. They’re crafted to simplify business financial tasks and give businesses more control over their money.

As with any financial service, there is always the potential for fraud. But don’t worry!  REV works with you to implement payment and collection fraud prevention services that are both cost and processing efficient to detect possible fraud. We’ve also put in place multi-factor authentication. These measures are designed to minimize the chances of any fraudulent activity happening. Safety first!

How long it takes to set up treasury management services depends on which services you’re interested in. Typically, our team will have a diagnostic discussion with you to figure out exactly what you need, develop an implementation strategy and then lay out a timeline for getting everything up and running to your satisfaction.

Our business solutions are accessible through any device connected to the internet. Our team will go over any requirements that are specific to your needs.

We are ready to help. Reach out to us at 843.832.2695 or send us an email at to discuss how our solutions can fit the needs of your business.

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