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We’ve crafted a better digital banking experience with you in mind. Now, you have 24/7 access to an innovative new banking platform that includes a fresh contemporary design, easy-to-use navigation, and time-saving features that we know you’re going to love. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to log in? Simply use your current username/password and select “reset my password”. You will then be asked to verify your identify by choosing your preferred method of authentication and entering the code provided when prompted. Once verified, you will be asked to create a new 12 character password and you’re all set!

iPhone Users: Members utilizing an iPhone will be prompted to update to the latest version of the REV App if they do not have automatic updates set-up. If you don’t see the prompt or you don’t currently have our app, you will need to download the latest version to your iPhone from the App Store®. Update Now.

Android Users: Members utilizing an Android device to access REV Digital Banking will be required to delete the app, and re-install the new and updated version to access the new enhancements. Don’t currently have our app? Download the latest version to your phone here or through Google Play™. 

Good News! Your current REV Digital Banking username will remain the same. For security purposes, members will be prompted to create a new password that will require a minimum of 12 characters upon the initial log-in. Biometric authentication (fingerprint, facial recognition) will only become available once you’ve completed set-up. Not a registered digital banking user? Not a problem! Signing up is quick and easy.

Don’t forget! No one should ever ask for your credentials so they can conduct transactions or activity on your behalf. If you have been asked for this information, cease communication, and let us know immediately at 800.845.5550.

Members currently enrolled in Bill Pay are encouraged to double check scheduled payments for accuracy.

We are committed to giving our members the most innovative and secure digital banking experience available. With this upgrade, you will have a more modern and seamless experience, with flexibility and ease for us to continue implementing additional fun and exciting features designed to continuously improve your digital banking experience with REV.


Download the Android App

Download the iPhone App

Your upgraded Digital Banking experience features a number of new features designed to help you navigate your individual financial journey. Members now have access to robust tools to help them visualize and track savings goals, categorize transactions and better track spending habits. Plus! You now have access to loan payoff calculators directly within REV Digital Banking.

Additional features include the introduction of Quick View to see transaction history, and a range of customization tools to color code and rename your accounts to help you stay on top of your finances.

A brand new REV Digital Banking experience will launch September 19th. If you haven’t already, be sure to double check your e-mail for communications from REV highlighting key features to help you prepare for the new enhancements.

We will maintain regular business hours on Monday 9/18 and start our early opening at 8a.m. on Tuesday 9/19. 

Absolutely! eStatements are available within REV digital banking.

New to REV? Members who have just joined are currently unable to self-enroll in REV Digital Banking. Visit your nearest Branch Location to get set-up.

Yes. REV Business Members will need to delete the current REV Business App and download the new and improved REV App to access their accounts. 

Yes. Before making edits, be sure to click on the transaction to expand the description and verify it is incorrect. If you still see it listed incorrectly, select the transaction you’d like to edit. Once selected, click on the blue text listed next to the “Category” to make edits. A prompt will appear asking if you to confirm if the transaction description is incorrect or if you have questions about the transaction. Select “The transaction’s simple description is incorrect” from the options presented. Make your edits and Voila!

This error message indicates that there is a discrepancy between the information entered during the Verify ID process and the information we have on record. Not to worry! We recommend the following:

1. Some members unintentionally add a space after entering their information, resulting in the information now being incorrect.

  • Make sure your device is not automatically inserting a space, as this will throw off the verification process

2. When entering your social security number, please make sure to input the complete number without any dashes.

  • We take the privacy and security of our members seriously, and the information you provide is solely for verification purposes based on our existing system records

3. Verify that the correct zip code is being entered. Unsure of the zip code associated with your account? Ask us!

Upgrade Fast Facts

Beginning September 19th, you will need your current username and password to access the new REV Digital Banking.

Access to scheduled recurring transfers will be unavailable beginning September 8th. Scheduled transfers will continue to process, but you will not be able to schedule new transfers or edit current ones.

Android Users will need to download the new REV app experience.

Access to Bill Pay will be unavailable beginning September 11th. Scheduled payments will continue to process, but you will not be able to schedule or edit current ones.

Steps for 1st Time Log-In:

Step 1: Log in with your existing username and password.

Step 2: Click start.

Step 3: Choose reset my password.

Step 4: Verify your identity and click continue.

Step 5: Choose your authentication method.

Step 6: Enter your code and click verify.

Step 7: Create a new password. (must be 12 characters minimum)

Step 8: Confirm your contact info.

Step 9: Read and agree with the disclosure.

Step 10: Turn on face ID for faster next time login.

Video Library:

First Time Login

Upgrade Introduction

New Features

New Accounts Experience

Take control of your financial life with frictionless access to your account details and transaction history. A brand new and modern display of your account information lets you swipe for quick action buttons that get you to where you need, fast.

Simplified Navigation

Simplified Navigation

Let us help you get from Point A to Point B with logic and ease. A re-imagined navigation bar displaying quick menu options brings speed and simplicity, allowing convenient access to enhanced tools and resources built around you.

Financial Wellness

We care about your financial health. Our personal financial management and budget tools will help you set savings goals, create a budget, and better understand your spending habits so you can enjoy a financially healthy life.

Security & Fraud Protection

Security & Fraud Protection

You’re in good hands. A multi-layered authentication approach keeps you safe against both existing and emerging threats so you can focus on doing what you love – which is banking with REV!

Member Service

Member Service

The hyper-personalized service you’ve come to love will now be available in app form whenever you want it. Want to open a new account? You can do that! Apply for a loan? You can do that, too! With this digital upgrade, we come to you.

Card Experience

Card Experience

Control meets convenience. From detailed merchant transaction information to increased card management features, now you can see and do even more from one convenient place.

Sleek Mobile Deposit Design

Skip the trip to one of our branches because depositing a check has never been easier! The redesigned mobile deposit screen makes it a breeze to look out for your money with its toggle view, where you can deposit that check or look at your deposit activity.

An Enhanced Look and Feel

A fresh and attractive app design with greater functionality and better customization gives you control over account features that put you in the financial driver’s seat.


You will now have the ability to enroll yourself into Overdraft Protection (ODP).

Quick View

Introduction of Quick View to see transaction history.

REV Business

REV Business Members are also getting an upgrade

Business will carry on even better than usual when you have full control over management of user privileges and authority with the new digital banking platform. From a single log-in, you can access multiple deposit accounts to monitor account activity and customize the user experience that will meet the needs of your business.

  • Expedited ACH payments and collections
  • Domestic and international wires
  • Industry-leading ACH file upload
  • Automated Billing

  • Payment Fraud Prevention

Attention Android Users

Members utilizing an Android device to access REV Digital Banking will be required to delete the app, and re-install the new and updated version to access the new enhancements.

Don’t currently have our app? Visit Google Play™ to download the latest version to your phone or mobile device.

New App Icon

Attention New REV Members

New to REV? Members who have just joined are currently not able to self-enroll in REV Digital Banking. Visit your nearest Branch Location to get set-up.

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