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P.O. Box 118000 Charleston, SC 29423

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Is it the weekend and you need card support?

Please use the phone numbers below.

Credit Cards: 877.205.2924

Debit Cards: 833.530.2755


REV’s routing number is 253278362.
Write it down and check it twice because we want you to have your money WHERE and WHEN you need it!

REV chat bot

The future of member experience is here. It’s chatty, efficient, and its name is Fin! We believe in making your life easier and providing the level of service you deserve.

The next time you’re in need, give Fin a shout. Equipped with a digital brain full of knowledge, Fin can handle any question you throw its way. And if the situation calls for some human charm, Fin will connect you with a team member during business hours.

Go ahead, ask away! Fin is here, ready and waiting to save the day. 🤖 🎉

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please e-mail

*Email is NOT a secure form of communication. Please DO NOT include the following personal information in your e-mails to REV Federal Credit Union: your personal account number, social security number, PIN numbers, or passwords.