REV Named 2023 Summerville’s ‘Best Credit Union’ Award Winner

The Summerville Journal Scene invites its readers each year to make their voice heard through its Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards celebrate and recognize the people and places in our community that bring us joy throughout the year – and this year, REV has won 2023 Readers’ Choice ‘Best Credit Union’.

To be voted ‘Best Credit Union’ is a testament to the strong connection REV has to the community and its commitment to being a financial institution that puts people before profits. REV’s most focused and personal relationship is with its members, making this win a significant achievement for the company.

Remaining a financial institution prepared to meet everyone’s current and future need of holistic financial wellness means daring to do things differently. REV is not traditional. It’s edgy and tech-savvy, and it doesn’t care about naysayers. REV may be a credit union by charter, but the reality on the ground, the reality witnessed by its employees, members, and partners, is that REV is a lifestyle brand. It is a modern, sustainable organization focused on progress, sustainability, and impact.

With great pride in this accomplishment, REV is energized to continue cultivating its relationship with local economic forces, providing value to the membership, and promoting equity in the community.