Public Works Art

Our communities are the foundation of our lives and a strong community is one that values and supports the arts, recognizing it as a cornerstone of cultural enrichment. That’s why we are so proud to share that Public Works Art Center, a non-profit community art center, is the recipient of our June $3,000 giveback award.

“There is immense joy in giving back to the community that has opened its arms to us. It’s about recognizing the interconnectedness of our lives and the value of investing in each other,” Director of Brand Marketing Shelley Puckett shares. “Through this donation to Public Works ArtCenter, we are not only supporting the arts but supporting all the artists who benefit from these opportunities.” A creative maestro blending her love of arts and the world of marketing into a fulfilling career, Puckett is profoundly delighted of this donation on behalf of REV.

A haven of creativity nestled in Downtown Summerville, the art center provides a welcoming space for artists of all ages and backgrounds to come together, create, and share their unique perspectives. Art enthusiasts and creative souls – hang on to your paintbrushes because admission is free! That’s right, admission is always on the house.

Grab your paintbrushes and be the hero that stands up for art, because when we support our community art centers, we’re giving wings to dreams and painting the town with happiness. Cheers to being a part of something truly beautiful! #REVcares