Earn More With a High-Yield, Premier Checking Account #PoweredByREV

  • Earn 4.00% APY1 on balances up to $10k

  • No account fee2

  • No minimum balance

  • Up to $10 in ATM fee refunds

  • Digital banking

REV 4 Percent Checking

How Does a REV Premier Checking
Account Work?

1APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Checking dividends may change after the account is opened and are subject to change on a monthly basis. Only one (1) Premier Checking account per primary member and only one (1) rewards type available on a membership at one time. The higher APY will be paid on checking balances up to a maximum of $10,000.00. Balances above $10,000.00 will be paid the stated Primary Savings Rate. See current rates.
To qualify for the higher APY, you must meet the following requirements; otherwise, the APY will be paid at the stated Primary Savings Rate on the entire balance of the account: You may receive the higher APY on your Premier Checking Account at the end of the month (calendar month) when you (1) must have electronic deposit(s) totaling at least $500.00 (accumulative) to the Premier Checking account each month (electronic deposits may be in the form of direct deposit, mobile check deposit through the mobile app, ATM deposit, or ACH transfer from another institution and (2) make at least $500 in Combined Net Purchases from any of the following credit union cards: Debit Card using your PIN, signature, or other authorization, or credit union credit card.
The following conditions apply to the qualified ATM Fee Reimbursement. Qualified Fees are fees charged by the owners of non-REV ATMs (also known as “surcharge fees) that are less than $10.00 per the following ATM transactions; (a) withdrawals of at least $10.00; (b) balance inquiries; or (c) balance transfer. REV will reimburse qualified fees totaling up to $10.00. REV will waive our “foreign ATM fee;” the fee that REV normally charges for using non-REV ATMs” without reducing your $10 limit. ATM Fee Reimbursement will be applied on the last day of each month if all account requirements are met. Account must be open at time of reimbursement. Please save your receipt to resolve any discrepancies.
2There will be a $5.00 monthly service fee if the above stated qualifications are not met. Other restrictions may apply. Member must be in good standing.
Combined Net Purchases means the total dollar amount of purchase at merchants using any of the above cards, minus any credits for returns, transaction disputes, or other reasons other than a payment to a credit card account. Each amount is counted in the calendar month in which it posts as final on your account, even if the transaction began in a prior month. For example, if you purchase $200 in goods on January 31st but the merchant does not post the transaction to your account until February 1st and then you return the goods for a $200 credit on March 15th, then your Combined Net Purchase would be impacted as follows:
January: no impact because the transaction is still pending.
February: +$200 for the purchase posting.
March: -$200 for the return being credited.
Combined Net Purchases may be made using the physical card, the numbers printed on the card, or the card within a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay. The Combined Net Purchases from your debit card only include the transactions that post to your Premier Checking account. If you have credit cards under multiple memberships with the credit union, the Combined Net Purchases from your credit cards only count toward the Premier Checking under the membership account number associated with the cards. If you are unsure, your credit cards are listed under their associated membership number in internet banking and the mobile app. Combined Net Purchases do not include ATM transactions, cash advances, balance transfers. Inclusions or exclusions of a particular payment service may be changed from time to time without notice.