Charleston, SC (December 6, 2022) – The Honorable Rodney E. Hood visited the Charleston based REV Federal Credit Union at its monthly SPARK! leadership meeting. As a member of the NCUA Board of Directors, Mr. Hood took the opportunity to address attendees on the issues currently impacting credit unions and their members, and recognize REV’s impact in helping uplift disenfranchised communities as a CDFI certified institution.

Mr. Hood stated, “Financial inclusion is the civil rights issue of our time. To address this issue the NCUA will be launching the Office of Innovation and Access to help underserved and marginalized communities.”

REV operates on the guiding principle of Growth with Purpose. This mission is centered around an innate desire to build resilient financial ecosystems in the communities it serves. By leveraging a digital first mindset, REV is able to connect with a broader audience through such initiatives as its #adulting interactive financial education modules, and Student Run banking program, which was recently highlighted by the South Carolina Department of Education. Together, these programs emphasize REV’s commitment to developing solutions that take a holistic approach to its members’ financial well-being.

“REV’s mission has always been heavily influenced by service,” commented REV President and CEO Jason Lee. “We are committed to creating exceptional outcomes in our communities and to be able to do this requires us to provide well beyond our competitive products and pricing.”

About REV Federal Credit Union 

A financial industry rebel reinventing the way credit unions think through a combination of craft banking and its guiding mission Growth with Purpose. REV energizes its communities to embrace living and banking holistically while keeping philanthropy at the forefront. By zeroing in on a digital-first mindset, it showcases an empowering banking experience that both inspires members to go after their financial goals and want to #UPTHEGOOD at the same time.

“Financial inclusion is the civil rights issue of our time.”

– Rodney Hood

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