REV Awarded Capital Funding

On Wednesday, September 21, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that over $8.28 billion from the Emergency Capital Investment Program (ECIP) fund has been administered to 162 certified community institutions all over the country. REV is proud to be one of only three financial institutions in South Carolina to receive funds.

To be nationally recognized for our effort in forging a new way within the credit union industry is an honor. Our asset growth in the past three years has elevated REV to a significantly stronger financial position. In turn, this allows us to expand our reach and increase our impact by remaining focused on community service, advocating for those who are unable to advocate for themselves, and working alongside our members for the benefit of society. Good people coming together to do great things as a collective is merely getting back to basics, a return to the fundamentals that has powered every great collaboration in the history of our movement.

REV continues to flourish because our members and the communities we serve are also succeeding. We are firm in our belief that we are only as strong as the people we serve, and so our REVCares initiative was born. REVCares is strictly responsible for one thing – and that is to put into action that we care. Staffed solely by volunteers who stay late or come in on weekends, our REVCares team spends its time canvassing for opportunities to be of service, to create meaningful and lasting connections within the community, to remind each other that the human spirit is unbreakable if we stand together, and more importantly – stand up for each other. With over 2,522 hours volunteered, over 43 non-profits supported and over $218,875 donated; this is what REV has done solely in the past 2 years and only just a tiny glimpse into what REV will do in the next 10.

Staying true to our Growth with Purpose philosophy, we intend to continue working in harmony on passion projects within the communities we currently serve and the communities we hope to serve in the future. The future excites us as we envision our own growth being reflected in the prosperity and freedom of new communities, new members, and new passions – and we thank you for being a part of our movement.