Current Riegelwood Digtial Banking Users:

How to login to Digital Banking for the 1st time

STEP 1: Download the REV App

Download the REV app from the Apple App or Google Play store (or) by logging in from


Login with your exisiting Riegelwood Username (case sensitive). Your password will be the last 4 digits of your SSN


Follow prompt to change your username and/or password


If you are prompted to authenticate, please follow the directions to receive a code to your phone or email address


You are now enrolled in REV digital banking

Important Dates for Existing Riegelwood Digital Banking Users:

  • Riegelwood will not be accepting any NEW Online Banking, Bill Pay, and Mobile Banking enrollments between October 1st – October 31st.
  • Existing Bill Pay users are asked to avoid adding NEW Payees for Bill Pay between October 27th – October 31st. Please schedule all your Bill Pay prior to Wednesday, October 27th to ensure all your bills are paid on time.
  • Scheduled Recurring Transfers (SRTs) will NOT be available between October 28th – October 31st. Members are asked to NOT schedule any SRTs during this time frame as they will not be posted after the merger transition.
  • Online Banking will NOT be available between October 28th – October 31st.

Digital Banking FAQs

As part of the merger with REV, Riegelwood members will gain access to a new, upgraded Digital Banking experience that’s loaded with innovative features and tools.

We will begin to upgrade your Digital Banking experience on October 28th. Members will be able to access the new platform on Monday, November 1st. During this transition, access to Riegelwood Digital Banking will be unavailable as of Midnight on October 28th.

Members who do not currently use Riegelwood Digital Banking will be unable to enroll until the merger is complete on November 1st.

  • Members are asked to verify the email address on file to avoid missing any critical notifications regarding this transition.
  • For additional details, please visit

No. Members already registered for Riegelwood Digital Banking will not be required to re-enroll.

If you don’t login by November 30th, your current credentials will expire because of security reasons and you will need to call 800-845-5550 to set you up with a new password to have complete access to your previous Riegelwood accounts such as Bill Pay and Scheduled Recurring transfers.

No. Joint Account Holders that are not primary on the account will be unable to create a unique User ID and Password. The Primary Account Holder can provide the Joint Account Holder with shared access with their own username and password.

Yes. On November 1st. Members may download the REV Digital Banking app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to access accounts via Digital Banking.

Yes. Members will use the same username and password to access both Mobile and Online Banking.

Yes. Members will have access to their previous account history.

Yes. REV Mobile Banking allows you to easily view your account balances, review transaction history, transfer funds, deposit checks, pay loans and bills as well as find ATMs and branch locations while on-the-go. Additional features include:

Facial & Touch ID for Quick Access

Quick Balance (view balances without logging in)

View Real-Time Transaction History

Transfer Funds or Send Money

  • Reorder Checks
  • Open club and Share accounts and also apply for a loan

Secure Messaging for Support

Money Management – Financial tools

  • And much more…

Bill Pay – Existing Riegelwood Digital Banking Users

The Bill Pay conversion will take place starting Thursday, October 28th through Monday, November 1st. All payments will need to be scheduled prior to October 28th as you will not have access to the Digital Banking platform as of Thursday, October 28th at Midnight.

Heads up! Members who do not currently use Riegelwood Bill Pay will be unable to enroll in Bill Pay as of October 1st until the merger is completed on November 1st.

All Bill Pay information, including payees and payment history, will convert to the new system. You will NOT need to re-enter your information. However, we suggest that you schedule any payments that need to be processed between Thursday, October 28th and Monday, November 1st in advance.

For added peace of mind, you may want to print a list of your payees, including payment amounts and due dates, so you can easily verify them in the new system.

You can send payments to any individual or business in the United States. Bill Pay sends payments electronically whenever possible. If the recipient cannot receive electronic payments, a check will be printed and sent via the Bill Pay system to the payee address provided during the payee set-up process.

Bill Pay cannot pay any company or individual with an address outside the United States or its territories.

Scheduled Recurring Transfers (SRTs) – Existing Riegelwood Online Banking Users

All SRTs previously scheduled prior to October 28th will be converted over to REV’s Digital Banking platform.

Previously Scheduled Recurring Transfers will not process during the merger conversion date. Members are encouraged to NOT schedule any transfers during this time frame.

Newly established Scheduled Recurring Transfers will need to be set-up after the conversion. However, all of your previous SRTs will continue to process normally.

eStatements – Existing Riegelwood Digital Banking Members

Members already enrolled in online statements will have access to the previous 12-months of statements. However, there will be a slight delay and these statements will only be available to be viewed as of Thursday, November 4th.

Once you log-in to the new Digital Banking platform, you will be able to easily access statement history via the menu options. Please note that you will also have access to the statements through the desktop and mobile app.

Other Miscellaneous Questions:

No. REV does not currently offer this feature.

No. REV will not be converting any of your previous alerts as part of this conversion. However, you may set-up new alerts once you log-in to the REV Digital Banking platform.

New Enrollment Into REV’S Online Banking Platform

Member’s that did not have access to Riegelwood’s Digital Banking platform will need to enroll by clicking here: (

You will need to know:

  • REV’s 7 digit member #
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • And other relevant information

No. Joint Account Owners cannot go through the Digital Banking enrollment. Members with a Primary Account at REV will be required to go through the Online Banking enrollment process.

Members will be able to experience a number of new features within to include:

  • Touch Screen authentication
  • Account to Account transfers – You will also be able to transfer funds from REV to another financial institution
  • Money Management – Finance tool
  • Re-order Checks
  • Open club and Share accounts and also apply for a loan
  • And much more…
Yes. Members will have the ability to customize alerts and receive account notifications via email or text.

Simply click on the Bill Pay tab in the navigation menu. Members will then be prompted to enter their Mother’s Maiden Name for verification and accept the terms and conditions. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Members may simply type in the name of the person or business that they want to pay.  To simplify the payee process, select one of the common payees on the bottom of the Bill Pay page by clicking on the name to quickly add the payee.

Yes.  You can pay any credit card, store card or utility bill using Bill Pay.

There is NO FEE to use Bill Pay.

Simply click on the Financial Tools tab, and click on the eStatements to register. You will need to accept the terms and conditions.

There is no monthly fee for eStatements. However, if you enroll for Digital Banking and DO NOT sign-up for eStatements you will be charged a monthly fee for receiving paper statements.